VOLKANO Sandal Pui Classic Green

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VOLKANO Sandal Pui Classic Green

Volkano carries the most classic shape out of all styles. Its circular structure forms a great traditional look. Sustainable and tropical wood is selected from various parts of the world to create these classic wooden watches for men and women. The types of wood do not only add a pleasing and earthy aesthetic, but it also contributes to a high level of durability. Available in a variety of colors including green, orange, and blue, these wooden watches are the perfect choice for anyone interested in slightly straying away from the classics.

Case: Pui wood
Case Size: L: 47mm X W: 38mm
Case Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 40g
Dial: Orange dial, Blue dial, Yellow dial
Band Size: L: 24mm X W: 246mm
Clasp: Prong Buckle made of stainless steel and wood
Warranty: 5-year limited.

This collection carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen - a much respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.


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