M106 OLED Bluetooth (Green)

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M106 OLED Bluetooth (Green)

Supports pedometer, NAP and phone camera control
Tracks your sleeping quality and movement distance
Daily Water proof, Ultra-long standby time, Low radiation
Shows your calories consumption, great for swimming, walking and running
OSD: Chinese and English
Supports Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless data transmission 
General Specs
Brand & Model  M106
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.0
Phone supports Android 4.3, iOS7 (or later)
Screen OLED
Material Medical Level Silicone
Battery 60mAH, re-chargeable polymer lithium battery
Standby time 15 Days
LED indicator light 2 LED
Dimension 200 x 5 mm  
Bracelet weight 24g

Package Details
Weight: g
Size: cm

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